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Our Research

We provide research that is independent, objective, thorough and insightful, and that can enhance the investment returns of our clients. Through our equity analysts, we focus its research primarily on emerging growth industries within the fields of different industries.
Our analysts have extensive practical experience in their industry sectors, and each is established as a thought leader in his or her field. The Firm's research methodology integrates in-depth quantitative and qualitative research, including extensive channel checks, industry due diligence and detailed financial modeling.

Our strength

  • We already have a large research infrastructure (library, databases, sophisticated research software, etc.)
  • We as a team are continuously learning and are in sync with a rapidly changing environment.
  • We have unique insights as our research portfolio is not restricted to equities or finance, but includes market research, due diligence, sector studies, investor perception, etc. We bring these valuable inputs to our analysis of individual companies and stocks.
  • Our reports come with a high degree of credibility.
  • The wide distribution network can be made available to our customers.

In-depth research is the Key

Fundamental research driven: Fundamental research is the foundation of our investment process. We have an extensive in-house global research network with research capabilities that range from detailed analysis of individual companies to broader coverage of economic, political and regulatory climates.

"Bottom-up" investment process: Our extensive research enables us to gather comprehensive knowledge of companies and their markets and is applied to build our private equity portfolio using a security-by-security approach.

A global approach: We believe that in order to understand a company or an industry in one country, we must understand that company or industry within a global context. This global perspective enables us to invest across regions and industries.

Risk profile: We focus primarily on established, expansion-stage companies.


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