ATTENTION INVESTORS : "All our clients of Equity and Commodity Segments are requested to submit their certified copy of AADHAAR CARD to us latest by 15th March 2018 for avoiding suspension of trading."    
PMS(Portfolio Management Services)


Guiness Portfolio Management Services Private Limited ,a SEBI Registered Portfolio Manager, with its team of skilled investment experts provides a strong edifice aiming at wealth accretion while minimizing risk to help its elite clientele to achieve their financial objectives and goals in the most efficient manner.

Investment strategy

GUINESS 123, an exclusive discretionary portfolio management scheme, scheme commences with evaluation of your investment objectives and assessment of your more.

PMS Services

Equity investing has come of age. Liberalisation and rapid globalisation has increased the complexities associated with understanding changes in businesses and markets, which has made equity investing an extremely dynamic and involved process.  

Risk factor

Investments in securities are subject to market risks and includes price fluctuation risks. There is no assurances or guarantees that the objectives of any of the Schemes will be achieved. The investments may not be suited to all categories of investors. 

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